Hi there...

My name is Gaurav.

I'm currently a Product lead at Shopkick, but thats not where I like to start my story.

I started out my professional career in Strategy Consulting, doing business cases for Accenture Strategy after my University learning at UT Austin.

While at Accenture, I had gained expertise in the financial modeling, strategic planning, and the Tech Industry.

When I knew I needed a change, I ventured out to see where I could go next, and purely as a fortuitous accident - I ended up in product.

I learned quickly that my past experience at UT (with my MIS degree and my programming experience) as well as my strategy experience at Accenture would come in handy.

It almost seems silly now, but I can't imagine being in a role where I was not involved with developing Product. After almost 3 years in Product, I can safely say that I am a well-balanced Product Manager that can lead teams and product strategy, and what excites me is the process of developing a cohesive vision and driving that to execution. Being at well-established companies like Trulia and Zillow Group only helped me accelerate my product chops.

If you can't tell already, I'm passionate about what I do and I go all out for my product.

Read more about how I think here, at my blog.

Below you will also find more about me, including my Resume, some projects and detailed experience.

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