Product Management Leader with experience at multiple stages of company growth: early stage (Brilliant), mid-size (Shopkick), large (Trulia, Zillow Group). Values full-stack product management - taking the product from strategic planning all the way to the actual Go-To-Market, all through effective collaboration and emotional intelligence when working with teams. Having worked across a variety of different software and hardware products, he has significant experience in product analytics, UX design and research, and team management.

Gaurav is always looking for a challenge and finding solutions to problems that have a tangible impact on people's daily lives.

The Latest

Gaurav is currently VP of Product at Brilliant, a Series B startup revolutionizing the Smart Home Industry through the Brilliant Smart Home and Lighting System. He heads up the Product Management and Design/UX teams.

Brilliant's flagship product, the Brilliant Smart Home Control, is one-of-a-kind. It allows a household to interact with their smart home however they would like from one place - through touch, voice, motion sensing while also controlling a wide range of smart home products (lights, music, climate, etc.). The Brilliant Mobile Apps on iOS and Android complete the smart home experience, allowing the user to remotely control all of their integrated devices.

In late 2020, Brilliant continued to innovate in the smart home industry:


My Product Philosophy